Your Contributions

Why sponsor us?

Because we, the Rogationists Father of the USA and Mexico Delegation, are committed: 

  • To promote new vocations in the Church where the Harvest is abundant and the workers are few (Lc 10,2)
  • To be ourselves good workers to help the large crowds troubled and abandoned like sheep without shepherds.     (Mt 9, 36)


Your donation will benefit?

  • New Vocations and Rogationists Seminarians for their education and formation.
  • Charity works for the poor, specially in USA and Mexico (St. Anthony Bread)
  • Rogationist Missionaries for their charity ministry throughout the world.


 Where are our works?

  USA: Charity works, Vocations Promotion, Parish Ministry and School
  Mexico: Charity works and Formation House for Rogationist Seminarians.